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Parish Hall & Parsonage

kaloopara kerala churches in india Appeal for Parish Hall & Parsonage Project Greetings from the Kallooppara St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church in the name of our Lord and Savi
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  • Parish Hall & Parsonage
    Kaloopara church

    Appeal for Parish Hall & Parsonage Project

    Greetings from the Kallooppara St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

    Kallooppara St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church had its humble beginning with 27 households coming together in 1909 and worshiping as one in a small shed not far from our existing church building. Over the last 100 years we have grown into a full fledged parish with a membership of 178 families. We have a long cherished desire to build a Parish Hall. Since we haven’t obtained suitable land in spite of diligent exploration for the same in our locality. The general body  of the Parish made a prayerful decision to build a Parish Hall and Parsonage in the existing land. After a detailed study it was decided to construct the building using the place of present parsonage too. A structure is envisaged with the parsonage on the upper portion and the parish hall at lower portion.

    In our long term view the new construction will help to solve the problems of present parsonage, and facilitate the church members to arrange their functions easily. Eighteen cents of land near the proposed Parish Hall & Parsonage has been purchased for parking purpose. The construction work is quickly progressing and our aim is to complete the first stage which includes the new parsonage by December 2013. We have estimated that the project including the land purchased will take about Rs. 1 Crore  to complete.

    The need is indeed great and we trust the presence of God’s moving hand in meeting our need. Several individuals, including current members in India and abroad as well as past members and well wishers have stepped forward with their prayers and gracious monetary contributions. We sincerely hope that you will stand with us as we meet the challenge of raising the money required to complete the project. We prayerfully request your whole hearted monetary contributions, support and prayers towards this worthy cause.

    Yours in Christ


    Rev. VARGHESE GEORGE ( Vicar )    

    JOHNSON JACOB ( Gen. Convenor )

    SAJI T. MATHEW  (Trustee )   ALEXANDER M.C ( Secretary )

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