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Choir Practice » 

Choir Practice on Every Saturday 5.00 pm and before worship

Sunday School » 

All Sundays 7.15am to 8.15am

Yuvajana Sakhyam » 

All Sundays after service.

Payer Group Meetings » 

All Sundays – 2.30pm At Padinjarebhagom, Pallibhagom A & B prayer groups. 3.00pm At Madhyabhagom prayer group.  4.00pm At Parunthanamkuzhy and Kannamala Prayer groups

SevikaSankagom » 

Wed - 9.30 am - Madhyabhagom Prayer Group & 10.30 am - Parish.  Saturday 4.00pm- kannamala Bhagom and parunthanamkuzhi bhagom PG       ::       

Edavakamission Prayer » 

All Thursdays – 7.00pm

Fasting Prayer » 

Friday 10.30am.

Senior Citizens Khurbana » 

All 5th. Saturdays 8am. to 9am.

Worship Timings » 

All Sundays   9.00am to 11.15am.



Parish Hall & Parsonage

kaloopara kerala churches in india Appeal for Parish Hall & Parsonage Project Greetings from the Kallooppara St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church in the name of our Lord and Savi
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About Us

    St.Thomas Mar Thoma Church is a 110 years old church located very near to river Manimala, at Madathumbhagom North also known as Cherumatha in Kallooppara Grama Panchayat, Pathanamthitta Dist., Kerala. This village is populated by the religious harmony. A serene and beautiful Church was started by the reformers around Kallooppara Palli in A.D 1909.

A look at the landmarks :

        The legal verdict of 1064 M.E against the Reformers of the Malankara Syrian Church deprived them of the freedom of worship in the old Church and made it imperative for them to find a new place for worship. The Reformers living on the North of Kallooppara Palli ( Present Kallooppara Orthadox valiyapalli ) got involved in fasting and prayer in the houses under the leadership of Kalamannil Yacob Kathanar, Sunday worship and Sunday School  were sonducted in the School that was founded by our fathers. The 19 families that lived on the south side  of the Kallooppara Church worshiped in the shed at Paruwakad Purayidam. In 1085 M.E ( A.D 1909 ) the Reformers in the North side - 27 families – got together and constructed a shed not far from the location of the present Parish using bamboo, areca wood (Kamuku) and palm leaves, placed a cross dedicated and worshiped. Shortly after, consultation started on erecting a permanent Church building and an application for the same was submitted to the Mar Thoma Church authority ( Metropolitan ). Most of the Reformers were financially weak . So the leaders of the Church decided to gave permission for one Church building for Kallooppara. As. It was no acceptable for the people, Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan called a meeting of the both parties together and discussed the matter in detail, retaking in permission for two churches. A permanent  Church building was completed in 1924.  It was consecrated by the Titus II  Metropolitan  assisted by Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragon Metropolitan and Adya Qurbana was celebrated. Eventually  the number of families and members increased and the church was too small to accommodate the growing congregation. So consultation for a new Church building started. The foundation stone was laid  by then Metropolitan the Most Rev Yohannan Mar Thoma on Feb 5, 1970. It was consecrated by the Rt. Rev. Alexander Suffragon Metropolitan assisted by the Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius. We celebrated the Platinum Jubilie in 1984 and Navathi in 1999. Also we celebrated centenary in 2009 with elaborate programs and projects. Now we are in the 110 th. year with 192 families and over 895 members. We praise God for His sustaining mercy and rejoice in the progress we made in the past.

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